The Oxford Professional Education Group is the umbrella organisation housing Oxford College of Marketing, Oxford College of Procurement and Supply and Oxford College of Leadership and Management.

Originally Oxford College of Marketing, the group now encompasses all of these faculties and offers practitioner based development courses from:

We are an apprenticeship training provider and are able to offer apprenticeships in sales, marketing, project management, procurement and other areas. Our sales and  marketing apprenticeships offer extra value with the inclusion of a recognised professional qualification adding value for the employer and apprentice.

The core goals of the organisation remain simple:

For business professionals to aspire to qualifications taught by the Oxford Professional Education Group; for employers to know that professionals trained by the Group are worth their weight in gold, and for employees to feel proud that they are delivering the company’s core brand values:

  • Quality – of service, tuition, support and ultimately results

  • Openness – of knowledge, skills and experience

  • Respect – for all as learning and development partners

  • Equality – for all partners. Learning is about sharing and everyone has something to add

  • Flexibility – of studying options. We really do offer programmes to suit your lifestyle.

With experience in working with both corporate clients and individuals seeking to develop their skills, our commitment to our business principles and our students is our highest priority.